Lynor  Yarn  Art


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Welcome to Lynor Yarn Art

Based in the picturesque Yarra Valley—Victoria, Australia, Lynor Yarn Art is a boutique craft business that has evolved from a life long love of yarn, colour and pattern. 

The timeless crafts of knitting, crocheting, weaving, applique and beading have been used with a modern twist to create unique pieces of art for all tastes.  Structured and freeform techniques are combined to create a range of wall art.  All pieces are individually hand crafted using a variety of materials and a enormous amount of passion. 

Inspired by both the intricacy and simplicity in life, Lynor Yarn Art offers a variety of original designs, all one of a kind (OOAK)  -  colourful abstracts, luxurious textures, stylish images and classical patterns  -  suitable for any décor. 

Whether you are searching for a special piece of art for your home, a gift for a special occasion or looking for a statement piece for your company, Lynor Yarn Art provides a collection that will uplift, inspire, relax, evoke, amuse, delight, please, and even bamboozle the onlooker. 

               If you have a query or would like to purchase an artwork please contact Lynor Yarn Art